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Sign-Ups for The Professor Layton Winter 2012 Exchange are OPEN!

Oh hai. Sorry we started so late >_< I have been given the great honor to manage this year's exchange. I've never done anything of this sort before, so please do bear with me and mai n00bness. In case you haven't already noticed I practically copy-pasted this darn thing from last year ^^;

Sign-ups begin December 5, 2012 and end December 18, 2012 by midnight EST. Get your form in by then. Please join the community when you sign up, and be sure to read the FAQ to get the full scoop. Let me know if there are any questions/problems.

Schedule of Events:

December 5-24, 2012: Exchange and Pinch-Hitter sign-ups. There will be no late sign-ups.

By December 25, 2012: All assignments sent out.

January 1, 2013: Defaulting deadline. Please let me know by this day if you are defaulting and cannot participate so that I can notify the pinch-hitters in time! Please understand that defaulting is not a good thing, so please avoid it. What is defaulting? See the FAQ.

January 10, 2013: ALL ASSIGNMENTS DUE.

By January 17, 2013: All Gifts will be emailed to their recipients. Gifts made for defaulters will instead be posted to the community. A post for Thank-You's will be made, as I don't wish to share everyone's personal emails publicly.

January 20, 2013: Gifts can now be posted to the community by their makers, if desired, at any point until the next Exchange begins.

To participate in the Winter 2012 Exchange, comment here at this….
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Submitted on
December 6, 2012